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Info: when we're together, even the desert becomes the sea 🌊 160730 • 170506 • 170507 • 180114 • 190616 🌊 she/her

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Seizing polish translate. Seizing media. Page Text is reproduced below: I have now added several new screenshots to reveal some of the changes that has been made to the game graphically. There is now new icons and there is now a screenshot of the new menu. It is likely there will be some updates to the trailer at some point before the launch too. Fun times! Bot created to announce Steam News automatically, powered by. If you are a moderator and wish to request this bot to post news to your subreddit, or stop posting to your subreddit please PM /u/etaew. Seizing Me (2003) Directed by Halfdan Hussey Run Time - 120 min.   | Countries - United States   | MPAA Rating - NR AllMovie Rating User Ratings ( 0) Your Rating Overview ↓ Cast & Crew Releases A troubled yet talented woman holds three people prisoner on hopes of seizing the pieces needed to complete herself, only to find her captives gradually subverting her mission by unexpectedly becoming willing participants in her twisted game. Characteristics Keywords game, hostage, woman.

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Seizing meaning in hindi. I'm not usually into dark/psychological thriller type things. However, SEIZING ME is really an amazing piece of work. The story, acting, filming, psychological themes, erotic quality and spiritual understanding are all really quite complex and compelling. Rose plays the complexities and shifts of a psychologically disturbed woman really quite accurately. My partner was particularly impressed with the sophisticated way the power exchange issues were handled. It was so intense for us to watch that we found ourselves leaving it three quarters through to "get tea" and I felt compelled to have a shower. The story was gripping but we were clearly unable to handle all the energy in one straight shot. (It delves into the gritty and grimy side of people, but doesn't leave you there. I thought about the characters and deeper meanings for a long time. I would highly recommend this one. Still be prepared for an experience you might not be expecting.

Page Text is reproduced below: Hey there beautiful humans! I just wanted to inform you guys that the launch discount will run for about a day more now! So if you want to grab a copy of the game at a discounted rate this is the last chance for now. What am I currently working on? Nice of you to ask! I am currently working on adding a co-op experience (not versus each other), this will also be a singleplayer experience. More specifics on how exactly that will work will be available at a later point once I have smoothed out the experience a bit. The current draft is that it will focus around avoiding bombs with puzzle elements that reacts to if its played alone or with friends. Why? Well, being a multiplayer game is all fine and dandy, but given that this would assume a lively community this could quickly turn into a waiting game, which is no fun! So I am adding a secondary gameplay experience that probably is not the same as the multiplayer experience. Want to be involved with what I am working on? Join us at Discord. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook. Bot created to announce Steam News automatically, powered by. If you are a moderator and wish to request this bot to post news to your subreddit, or stop posting to your subreddit please PM /u/etaew.

Seizing mean. She takes body, mind, & soul SEIZING ME is a sexy and provocative psychological thriller about a troubled yet gifted woman, Rose, who captures three unique people, wanting to seize the pieces necessary to complete herself. The three captives represent wildly different aspects of mind, body and soul. Ultimately these rebellious captives turn the table on Rose, becoming consenting participants, and leading to a shocking climax. Through the startling use of sexuality and psychological violence, the film explores the universal issue of looking outside of one’s self rather than within to become a whole being. A rare portrayal of a female character who dominates the picture from beginning to end as well as all around her, this film dares to show a heroine as a highly complex, outrageously liberated and disturbed figure rather than the typical movie categories of cop-buddy, super-hero, secondary villain, sex-symbol, damsel-in-distress or care-taker. To learn more about the director, Halfdan Hussey, please go here. PIONEERING DIGITAL MOVIE MAKING & DELIVERY SEIZING ME pioneered the use of the Panasonic HD-Varicam camera. It was the first dramatic feature film captured on this technology and demonstrates breakthrough artistic and technical achievement: a look and feel previously unseen in digital with brilliant cinematic colors, highly defined blacks and contrasts, and dynamic visual communication. (Note: this capture technology recently became hot news at NAB as Panasonic and Apple announced a comprehensive HD solution based on the HD-Varicam camera. ) SEIZING ME now leads the way in delivering HD content via the Internet. The entire movie was converted into a WMV-HD file, encoded, encrypted, and presented here on Cinequest Online through Kontiki grid-technology. The results bring you the entire feature film at breakthrough quality (a step above DVD) plus select scenes at HD quality (720 and 1080). Most importantly, the pioneering use of technologies allowed the filmmakers to create a powerful movie of original and captivating content and style. WHAT'S NEXT? THE WHOLE PICTURE more than a movie The filmmaking team now embarks on a pioneering digital movie franchise of significant scope, content, and cutting edge marketing. THE WHOLE PICTURE is a series of nine interconnected movies and novels (in the tradition of filmmaker Kieslowski and novelists Balzac and Zola). The movies will be made and marketed with leading edge digital cinema and Internet technologies. Each of the nine movies contains a unique emotive-idea and style. Together the themes create a broader picture of humanity's conflicts and dreams. Likewise, the characters in all the films inter-connect with each other in subtle, ironic, and often surprising ways just as different nationalities and religions connect. The result is an interconnected world. The motifs for the nine movies: redemption, hope, exploration, creativity, courage, compassion, faith, death, and integration resonate with every culture, class, and individual. In addition to the entertainment value inherent in the material is also a focused effort to present transformative and inspirational themes that enlighten and inspire the audience. The first three screenplays are completed. Either can be produced as the first in the series: 1. SPLIT: Does each person have one soul mate? Could somebody possibly have two true loves? James, a troubled young writer faces this wild conflict. SPLIT between two women, he ultimately chooses himself. 2. TO THE DOGS: Two brothers, two generations, one accident and one brother’s fall from grace plunges his sons into a world of crime and betrayal only to find redemption in the brother their father left behind. 3. WHIRLWIND: Politics, satire, comedy and creativity collide in this hilarious story of lost love, lust, a corrupt election, and a quest for gold. The movies in THE WHOLE PICTURE not only connect in a special way, but also create an epic and entertaining perspective of life over the period of 100 years.

Overview Details Using a pioneering type of digital technology, filmmaker Halfdan Hussey tells the story of Rose, a psychologically damaged woman who just doesn't feel complete. To remedy her problem, she takes the drastic measure of kidnapping a trio of unsuspecting victims, each of whom represents something she lacks in her body, mind and soul. But when the captives turn the tables on their captor, Rose is in for a startling twist. Screen Widescreen Anamorphic 2. 35:1 Audio English: Dolby Digital 2. 0 Stereo Rating NR - Not rated. This movie has not been rated by the MPAA.

Seized meaning in tamil. Seizing me dire. Page Text is reproduced below: As we have finally hit the Coming Soon I wanted to give an impression of how far along we are. The trailer was made without all of the new graphical and polishing elements. The last few weeks we have been working hard on updating, polishing and redoing a few systems, most of the backend stuff should now be fairly stable! A taste of one new graphical element: There has also been some updates to the animations (the baton now resemble hitting rather than swatting a fly) and an actual jumping animation. There is more to come! Bot created to announce Steam News automatically, powered by. If you are a moderator and wish to request this bot to post news to your subreddit, or stop posting to your subreddit please PM /u/etaew.

First time posting! So while I (27/f) was in uni, I waitressed almost every evening to make ends meet, as you do. I lived in rural Germany at the time and the restaurant where I worked was rather small and cozy, the kind of place where a lot of village regulars come by, so naturally I recognise them and know what they want and how they like their service - they feel super pampered and well taken care of, I like being hospitable, it was fun and it didn't hurt the tips, either. But of course, not all regulars are GOOD regulars - there are also the ones who walk in and make you think "Oh, fun - THAT twat is here again. Brace yourself! " In summer, we opened the terrace, adding an additional 30 seats outside in addition to the 45 seats inside. There was one regular, a 50-ish year old guy, who'd only come in in summer season when the terrace was open. He would come in as soon as we opened (6pm), sit down on the biggest outside table (6 chairs) all on his own, thereby blocking it for any other guests, ordered ONE beer (2, 50€), kept clutching it and sipping away on it for about 2-3 hours without talking to anyone and then pay in copper coins and leave. He never had company, nor did he ever order anything else but that one bloody beer, for which he blocked one of our best tables for hours during dinner prime time - this was his go-to routine. My boss was annoyed by this one entitled dude blocking a table of six and therefore losing him money, but he didn't want a bad reputation in the village for telling off a customer who wasn't technically doing anything wrong, so he tolerated it. That in and on itself is pretty entitled already, but oh boy are we only getting started. One particularly hot summer evening, Mr. One-Beer turns up, orders his usual, I bring it to him and make a mental note that he's taken care of for the evening. I go about on my business as the joint fills up with guests inside and outside - the biggest party was a hiking group of nearly 20 people. I run my heels off taking orders and serving drinks, as you do. The orders all came in at more or less the same time so the food would be one big pushout from the kitchen. So far nothing out of the ordinary. Right after I had taken the hiking group's food orders, Mr. One-Beer beckons me over. I'm surprised, since he's been here less than an hour, and his beer isn't empty, either, so this was very unusual. He asks me if he could have a menu. Of course! I bring one for him straight away, but I warn him that food might take a while since literally 29 other people had ordered before him and were currently waiting for their food. He says it's fine and places a dinner order, which I convey to the kitchen. 15 Minutes later I'm busy pushing out the food for the smaller tables, the 20-people-table is currently in the works. As I run past Mr. One-Beer with empty hands after delivering an order he SEIZES ME AT MY ELBOW and asks me rather rudely what's taking the kitchen so long. I wrench my elbow out of his grip, ask him to never do that again, and reiterate that I had warned him that food might take a while since he was literally the 30th in line to order. He gets pissed and says rather whiny "But I was here first! When I sat down none of the other tables were here! " Patiently, I explain to him, that it's "first come, first serve", and that we process the orders in the order they are given to me, not in the order of which table had arrived first - that's just how it works. He gets cranky, but he lets me go. I convey this complaint to my boss, who was the head chef. Five minutes later I have finished serving the little tables and I'm refilling drinks while waiting for the dinner order of the big table. AGAIN, Mr. One-Beer flags me down. "I still have no food! ", he complains. "Yes, I'm sorry about the wait, but in all fairness, Sir, I did warn you that food would take a little longer because you were 30th in line to order", I try to explain to this pain in the butt with my long-honed waitress patience. "BUT I WAS HERE FIRST! " - "Yes, but again, Sir, you didn't ORDER first, and we process the orders in the order they are taken. " - "But I'm really hungry and I want to eat NOW. I've been waiting for ages! " At this point people are staring because he's whining so loudly. I look at my watch. "Sir, you have been waiting for 20 minutes, which is still perfectly within the norm during normal business. Please be a little more patient, I'm sure your dinner is already in the works. " - "Can't you speed it up? I'm really hungry! " - "With all due respect, Sir, but I can't magically make food cook any faster. Quality needs time. I'm sorry you're so hungry, but if it's that urgent you could have just ordered food earlier, since you were here first after all. " He gives me the stink eye and says "WELL I WASN'T EVEN HUNGRY THEN, HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW IT WOULD GET SO FULL IN HERE? " I close my eyes for three seconds, screaming internally, and then I put on my sweetest "fuck you"-smile and tell him I'll go check on his food and make sure he gets it asap. He scoffs. I go into the super busy kitchen and relay the complaints to my boss, as is my job, and he tells me it'll be done in 5 minutes. First, we push out the big table. 5 minutes later, I have his order in my hand, freshly prepared, smelling amazing. Note: He has been waiting for his food 25 minutes at this point, which is STILL not much, but actually pretty standard on a normal busy day. I take it to him, smiling, and say something along the lines of "Sorry for the wait, but as they say - the best for last! Hope you'll enjoy. " as I put it down in front of him, trying to bring some positive vibes back into the tense situation. He proceeds to SPIT INTO THE FOOD right in front of me, looks me dead in the eye and says "Take it back. I don't want it anymore. I'm not paying for it, either, since I didn't get to eat it. " I was taken aback, but I regained my composure and said in the most professional tone I could possibly muster "Sir, you ordered it, we prepared it for you, and there is nothing wrong with the food that would warrant a return. I'm afraid I will have to charge you for it even if you decide not to eat it, because you have utilised our services either way. " - "NO I'M NOT PAYING FOR THIS CRAP! YOU TOOK WAY TOO LONG, SO I'M TAKING MY ORDER BACK! THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT! BRING ME THE BILL FOR MY BEER, I'M LEAVING AND I'M NEVER COMING BACK TO THIS SHITHOLE! AND YOU CAN FORGET YOUR TIP! " I was losing my patience and said "With all due respect, Sir, you have NEVER tipped me a single Cent for my service, so I really couldn't care less. I will bring you your bill, as you wish - but I will charge you for everything you ordered. " He gets a nasty smirk and says he "should have known that there was a nasty bitch behind this pretty rack". I told him to shut his mouth unless he wanted me to acquaint his face with my tray and went to get his bill. I went back into the kitchen FUMING and relayed the whole story to my boss. He asked me if this was still our regular Mr. One-Beer we were talking about. I said yup, sexual remark and all. My boss (a very fatherly man who was really protective of me, and also a BEAR of a guy) proceeded to turn red with fury, take off his apron, slap it down onto the kitchen counter, roll up his sleeves, growl something along the lines of "I knew there was a reason I never liked this guy! ", told me to stay in the kitchen (which has a window facing the terrace, so I had a front row seat to the whole delicious drama about to ensue) and stomped out onto the terrace with the guy's bill - I had NEVER seen him this effing mad before. He then confronted the asshat (who had already packed up and was trying to dash when my boss caught him) and yelled him down in the middle of the terrace. He told him he would pay what he ordered, no matter what he decided to do with his order, and if he ever dared show his face again and harass me he would kick his ass to the curb personally, and he literally said "AND I'M CASHING YOU BECAUSE THAT POOR GIRL HAS TAKEN ENOUGH CRAP FROM YOU TODAY! " and threatened to call the police if he refused to buck up. Needless to say, the guy paid his due and got lost and never turned up again. When I took up my duties out on the terrace again I actually got an APPLAUSE from all the other guests who commended me for staying so patient - and they showered me in tips that evening, too. Sweet justice! TLDR: Idiot orders food in a restaurant, decides it has taken too long after 25 minutes, spits into the food, demands a refund and gets chewed out by my bear-boss. Shoutout to rSlash for inspiring me to finally join reddit and share all my good stories!

Seizing_me 2003. Seizing medical. Plot: She takes body, mind, & soul SEIZING ME is a sexy and provocative psychological thriller about a troubled yet gifted woman, Rose, who captures three unique people, wanting to seize the pieces necessary to complete herself. The three captives represent wildly... Ratings: Unrated Genres: Thriller Country: United States Languages: English Credits: and 37 others. Runtime: 94 min She takes body, mind, & soul SEIZING ME is a sexy and provocative psychological thriller about a troubled yet gifted woman, Rose, who captures three unique people, wanting to seize the pieces necessary to complete herself. The three captives represent wildly different aspects of mind, body and soul. Ultimately these rebellious captives turn the table on Rose, becoming consenting participants, and leading to a shocking climax. Through the startling use of sexuality and psychological violence, the film explores the universal issue of looking outside of one’s self rather than within to become a whole being. A rare portrayal of a female character who dominates the picture from beginning to end as well as all around her, this film dares to show a heroine as a highly complex, outrageously liberated and disturbed figure rather than the typical movie categories of cop-buddy, super-hero, secondary villain, sex-symbol, damsel-in-distress or care-taker. Key Art: Key Frames: Trailer links: Size: 15 MB Resolution: 712x342 Credits Director Halfdan Hussey Kevann Howard Antony --- Kathy Garver --- Bob Rumnock --- Andrea Marcellus Young Girl Shelby Heppes Laura Chrissy Lopes Homeless Man Matt McTighe Gay Cripple Josh Paige Writer Halfdan Hussey Writer Jeffrey Vargas Co-Producer Barnaby Dallas Producer Halfdan Hussey Executive Producer Kathleen Powell Producer Kathleen Powell Associate Producer Jeffrey Vargas --- Lisa Keller Production Companies San Jose Motion Pictures Script Supervisor Marcelle Kube Rigging Gaffer Sean A. Russell Lighting Technician Sam Richert Key Grip Tony Konichek Dolly Grip Tony Konichek Gaffer Robert Edmiston Camera Operator James Duisenberg Second Assistant Camera Chris Darnell Director of Photography: Second Unit Cary Cremidas Camera Operator Cary Cremidas Sound Re-recording Mixer Paul James Zahnley Boom Operator Josh Paige Sound Mixer Ben Herlth Boom Operator Michael Flores First Assistant Director Jack Igoe Make-Up Department Head Glenn Sweet Second Second Assistant Director Taide Carpenter Production Design John York Art Director Daniel Dziubezynski Cinematography Cary Cremidas Cinematography Byron Werner Original Music Tom Disher

I’m in university studying to be a therapist. Having dealt with mental health issues on and off my entire life, I figured I would be a good person to help others with their own. I know the crushing weight of depression, like a sack of bricks on your chest, forcing you to remain in bed all day, unrelenting. I understand the toll it can take on your life and relationships. I felt so lucky to have made it through, to have seen the light at the end of the tunnel, that I felt it was my destiny to grab onto the hands of others deep in their own struggles, to pull them through to the other side as well. I’ve enjoyed school so far – it’s honestly been a dream come true, a dream I never allowed myself to have when I was young. When I was in high school, I never expected to make it to adulthood. The idea of growing up was almost as incomprehensible as growing a third arm. All the other students around me were planning for college, for future careers, the beginning of the rest of their lives. I just watched them in their naïve excitement, feeling so very different, so very separate, almost as if I existed in an entirely different reality. Their voices were muffled, their ambitious smiles clouded by my own dejection. I felt like I got a new lease on life when I finally overcame my depression, studied hard, and managed to get into a decent university. I’m in the middle of an introductory unit to psychosis, and in class the other day we were assigned to take part in a “voices simulation”. The experience involves listening to several audio tracks, about forty minutes in total, of what a person experiencing psychosis might hear all the time. We were meant to do our regular classroom activities while listening to the voices. The intent behind the activity was to give us an understanding of how difficult it can be for someone who hears voices to do the things they need and want to do in their everyday lives. It’s apparently a really good and accurate simulation of what hearing voices is like. I wouldn’t know, because I didn’t listen to it. When my professor, Dr. Toney, gave us the link to the audio tracks, I typed it into my phone. She cautioned the class that the simulation could be quite distressing, especially for individuals who have experienced mental health issues in the past. I figured my past in depression would actually help me, so I wasn’t too worried. Once the website loaded and I located the audio tracks, I exhaled deeply before syncing my headphones and pressing play. First, there was just dead noise for about thirty seconds, static blaring through my headphones. The shocked reactions on my classmates’ faces made me feel almost crazy for not hearing anything. But then, it started – voices, quiet, chittering, whispering. The sounds were certainly creepy, but I could deal. I set to work on the session’s assignment, mostly tuning out the background noise. I was pretty used to muting my inner dialogue anyway. A few minutes in, a kind, gentle woman’s voice came over the track. You are incredible, she cooed, the tones warm as they melted into my ears. We chose you for a reason. You are special. You know you are special. You are the one! You are the one to lead the way. I’m embarrassed to admit how comforting this was, not just the words but the soothing way in which the woman delivered them as well. Several minutes had passed and I had yet to scrawl any answers down on my worksheet. A quick survey of the classroom revealed that I was not the only one stuck on the first question. Dread was written across their faces; I feigned the emotion myself until another voice cut the kind woman’s short and brought the emotion into reality. You. A man’s voice slithered down my ear canals, vitriol dripping from the single syllable. You are dirt. Nothing more than the mud on the bottom of a shoe, it taunted before adding in a jeering sing-song, I know what you diiiiiiiid. I wanted to turn it off, but something kept me from doing so – perhaps my own pride, perhaps a desire to hear what generic wrongdoing this unknown man would accuse me of. Oh, so you want to play then, huh? HA! The voice laughed in my ears, brash and abrupt, causing me to flinch instinctively. My eyes shifted to scan the room briefly, embarrassed of my reaction. Thankfully, it didn’t seem like anyone noticed. The man’s voice softened, becoming almost tender and sweet, as it asked, I love the beach, don’t you? The sound of waves crashing on soft sand and seagulls yelping followed the question. My blood ran cold as my hands grew clammy. When I’m at the beach, you know what I love to do? I shook my head furiously in silent response to the voice, reality sinking around me as I could practically feel the sand between my toes, warm and gritty and itchy. I like to build sandcastles, the voice sneered, its smile practically audible through the words. A few moments of silence passed, broken only by the repeated squawking of seagulls, the noise growing harsh and unnatural, beastly. Help! Help! Mallory, help me! I swallowed loudly, a sudden dryness in my mouth making the action particularly laborious. It was the voice of my brother, eternally arrested in its youthfully high pitch. The sound of a large wave crashed over the track. I could almost feel the mist of its impact spattering across my face as salt pricked my taste buds. You told your parents you were old enough to go alone. You told them, you TOLD THEM that you would watch Spence, but you were too busy building a sandcastle to pay attention until it was too late! The voice’s accusation threatened to split my skull. Because you’re dirt, Mallory. You’re trash. You’re NOTHING!!! Shoving my chair backwards, I ripped the headphones from my ears and shouted, “no! ” Having escaped the voices, I found my footing back in reality almost instantly. The shame of my overreaction seized me. I scanned my surroundings, observing the looks on my classmates’ faces as they removed their own headphones and assessed my outbursts, confused and worried and horrified. Dr. Toney, always poised and composed, placed towards me to tap me on the shoulder, then gestured to the door. I followed her out of the classroom into the hallway. “Mallory… what happened? ” she probed, her sapphire earrings glinting under the unforgiving overhead lights, their hue as deep as the open ocean. I shook my head gently, mortified. “I don’t know exactly. It was okay for a while, but it got really creepy when the voices started saying my name, ” I confessed, wringing my hands anxiously. I didn’t want to reveal the full truth of what I’d actually heard. Toney’s eyes widened suddenly, and I almost felt bad for causing her any distress with my undue reaction. “You heard your name? ” I only nodded in response, unsure of what to say, my concern only growing. “Let me see your phone, ” she rushed, extending a perfectly manicured hand. I complied, unlocking and handing over my phone. As Dr. Toney scrolled through the simulation page, her jaw dropped. “What… what is this? This is not the link I gave you. It’s similar, it looks almost exactly like the real page, but… I don’t know what this is, ” she stammered, hands quivering, her grip on my phone precarious. “I – I need to listen to this. I’m sorry, Mallory. ” She pulled out her own pair of headphones and plugged them in. She relinquished my phone several minutes later without a word. Needless to say, I was fairly shaken, so I cut the rest of my classes and went home. I was having trouble falling asleep, so I put on some music. Eventually, my eyelids grew heavy and sleep finally arrived. My rest proved to be anything but restful as I drifted in and out of slumber. Several hours into the night, the sound of chittering voices crept into my ears, snickering and whispering harshly. The man’s voice came almost immediately this time. You are nothing, Mallory. NOTHING!! Still hazy from sleep, I was almost thankful when the woman’s voice returned. Don’t listen to him, Mal. You are the one. You are the one to lead the way!! Her voice was exuberant, ebullient, engulfing in its endless love and acceptance. The man’s voice shouted once more in my ear, startling me out of my semi-restful state. I tore my headphones off, desperate for some sense of relief. I was unsettled to find that my playlist had ended, and the simulation audio tracks had not been queued to play at all. Even more unsettling still, the voices slowly trickled back into my mind despite the fact that I’d removed my headphones. First came the low, droning whispers, followed by the two voices quarreling with one another regarding my worth. I argued back in a futile attempt to settle their disputes, much like I did with my parents for years after Spencer passed. I didn’t sleep for the rest of the night. Apparently, Dr. Toney didn’t either, because I received a call from her at four that morning. “Hello…? ” I answered cautiously, unsure of how to proceed. Bizarre voices aside, I had never talked to a professor on the phone before, let alone outside of normal business hours. “Mallory? ” she whispered, paranoia readily apparent in her tone. “Mallory, do you hear them? ” HA! Of course she does, she is NOTHING without us, the man hissed. Shh… shh, shh… the woman purred, clucking gently as her words embraced me. We will never leave her. She is the one. She is everything. “Y-yes, ” I stuttered, mind weak from lack of sleep. “Do you? ” “Don’t listen to them, Mal, ” she pleaded. “I don’t know what the hell is going on, but they are lying to you. Don’t listen. ” No, Mal, she’s lying to you. You can trust us, the woman soothed. The man cut in curtly. Tell her. Tell her WHAT SHE DID!!! “Dr. Toney? ” I squeaked, rubbing my forehead with the heel of my palm. “Yes, Mallory? ” I gritted my teeth against a message I did not want to pass along but had no choice. “They – they say… it’s your fault you lost the baby. ” The line disconnected immediately. I went to class the next day, and the day after that. I’ve sat through lectures, participated in class, done assignments, but I’m just going through the motions, really. I know I am destined for much more than this education or career now. Toney took a leave of absence, checking herself into an inpatient mental health facility. My classmates were all surprised, but I wasn’t really. Not at all. She was weak. The voices broke her. I’m stronger than her, and I know that for a fact. The voices, while initially jarring... they build me up, fortify me. The woman, her soft voice constantly chanting in my ear… she is right. I am the one to lead the way.

Seized meaning in urdu.